Store Policies 

Pretty simple.  If you order something through this website, you usually have to pay for it at the time of the order. 
Libraries can be invoiced. Just email or fax your order to us. Obviously, everything is subject to prior sale, but it's not like we deal in stuff that moves real quick.  

Sales Tax

Residents of California only at this time. 
California Dealers: Just pay the tax at the time of order and drop us a line.  We'll refund the tax once we receive your resale number if not already on file.

Payment Methods Accepted 

We do most of our business via PayPal. We will be adding credit card capability soon but you need to use a card right now, give us a call or. Under appropriate circumstances, we will also arrange to meet on a street corner for a discrete exchange of cash.  

Fine-Very Good-Etc.

We are conservative graders.  If we say FINE you can assume it is true in fine condition.  If there are minor defects, they will be noted. [For newer items only, we might add the words NEW or PRISTINE.]  VERY GOOD means the book has some minor shelf-wear, possibly some light age-toning, maybe a prior owner's inscription -- but no significant defects.  We generally don't stock modern books unless they are at least in VG condition. [Modern = post-1972]  Occasionally we will make an exception for something truly scarce.  GOOD is a euphemism for "we wish we had a better copy too." But, still in collectible condition; significant defects will be noted. If we don't say the dust jacket is price-clipped, it isn't.  We will tell you if a prior owner felt compelled to scribble his or her name in there somewhere.  FAIR and POOR are used only for truly scarce titles that often can't be found in better condition, or require a second mortgage if you do find them in better condition. 


Go ahead; ruin our day just as we were popping the cork for a good week! Satisfaction is guaranteed.  Items may be returned for any reason within fourteen days.  Please email us beforehand so we will know it is on its way. And please, send back the same copy we shipped to you. (You'd be surprised...)

Our Warranty: Signed Books and Autographs

Unless otherwise noted all autographs, signatures, and inscriptions are guaranteed to be authentic and in the author’s or artist’s own hand. We have been dealing in rare books and ephemera for more than thirty years and are confident in our ability to self-certify the authenticity of everything we sell. If we are unable to authenticate an item with certainty, we note this clearly in the description and either price the item as if it were unsigned or price it with a disclaimer at a substantial discount.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.